Hike around Gleinkersee

Find yourself exploring and relaxing in one of the most enchanting hideaways far up in the Austrian Alps by taking a visit to the exquisite Gleinkersee lake. Located in upper parts of the country due east of Salzburg, the lake rests at 806m elevation and can be easily reached by a short hike or by locals and visitors travel to lake by foot on a short hike or car travel.

Swimmers flock to the lake as it is one of the warmest alpine lake the region has to offer and the waters are pristine. Water sports including paddleboarding and kayaking. A boat dedicated to sharing the stories of the region can also be enjoyed for something still exciting and less active. With exquisite views of the alps to be enjoyed on the boardwalks, playgrounds, and cafes surrounding the lake, it is easy to get caught up in the beauty of Gleinkersee. 

Foto credit: Markus Weber

Read what others share about their experience

  • Miodrag Cehajic
    10 months ago
    I was so surprised by the view of the lake. Located between mountains and so clean and transparent...
  • Jan Bex
    11 months ago
    This place is a real hidden gem. The waters are crystal clear, the restaurant has a terrace below...
  • Rein de Vries
    3 years ago
    Super nice place. View on the mountains and close to a small lake. You have to see this !
  • Mark Modla
    a year ago
    Easy to find, big parking lot near. Amazing views and there is a big walking route around the lake....
  • Sandor Vamos
    11 months ago
    A very beautiful corner of the world.

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