Strasbourg Mon Amour

February 10, 2023 -
February 19, 2023

Strasbourg, a city of love and romance in the heart of Alsace is home to one of the most beautiful festivals in all of Europe. Each year, Strasbourg mon Amour festival celebrates lovers with a programme that is simultaneously poetic, cultural, glamorous, and slightly quirky!

From the cobblestoned streets lined with vibrant cafes filled with delicious local cuisine to the stunning architecture that will take your breath away, this festival brings together all aspects of what makes Strasbourg unique. From fashion shows and music performances to art installations and interactive workshops, there is something for everyone. Visitors can explore all that Strasbourg has to offer while immersing themselves in its captivating atmosphere.

Throughout the ages, Strasbourg has been an inspiration to famous authors, such as Victor Hugo, Honor de Balzac, and Goethe

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