Ansbach Rococo Festival

July 4, 2024 -
July 7, 2024

The charming town of Ansbach, Germany is home to one of the most unique festivals in Europe. None of the other events in Europe capture the graceful aesthetic of the Rococo period like Ansbach’s annual Rococo Festival – where people gather in historic dress to take part in exciting activities that hold a special appeal for history and culture lovers. Every year, around the first week of August, the streets and squares are filled with locals and tourists alike celebrating the historic Ansbach Rococo Festival.

For three days, visitors can immerse themselves in centuries-old customs and traditions. Guests will be transported back in time as they explore colorful decorations, live music from classical baroque artists and period costumes galore! Craftsmen demonstrate their skills in workshops throughout town while historical re-enactments bring to life stories from a bygone era.

The Ansbach Rococo Festival is truly a memorable experience for all ages! Come join us this summer for an inspiring journey full of beauty, culture and history!

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