M/S Henrik Ibsen

Sail in style on the Telemark Canal
Skien – Norway

M/S Henrik Ibsen

Days on the water are a special pleasure aboard the M/S Henrik Ibsen. Over decades of changing hands, restorations and evolutions, we’ve polished up this extraordinary cruise ship to ensure it meets the safety and technical standards of the modern day while retaining a historic, charming atmosphere throughout. Come and see a new side of Norway from a seat of old-world elegance…
Filip Åbom
Filip Abom - General Manager
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Built: 1907

Since it was originally built in 1907, the M/S Henrik Ibsen has undergone (many) makeovers, and is now an outstanding example of a luxury day-tour cruise ship that’s more than a century old.

100 feet long and 21 feet wide, our breathtaking boat is registered to carry 100 passengers across the waters of the Telemark Canal – a gorgeous blue stretch surrounded by Norway’s most magnificent mountains and landscapes. When you’re not taking in the view, there are plenty of features to explore both on-deck and inside. Our Agatha Christie-inspired interiors include original English antiques from the late 19th century and red plush sofas, crystal chandeliers, and mahogany and brass fittings.

Though it’s been restored for contemporary travellers with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, the M/S Henrik Ibsen carries an authentic atmosphere that never fails to enthral. All aboard for a marvellous time of dining and reclining while admiring Norway’s verdant views… you’re in for a wonderful time.

Occasions to Remember

Some of the highlights of staying at our historic hotel


Local and classic dishes are served on the M/S Henrik Ibsen that can be paired expertly with delicious tipples provided by the ship’s sommelier. Enjoy an expansive selection of meals and light bites while we sail, though please tell us in advance if you have any severe food allergies so we can make arrangements for you in advance.


Where will a trip on the M/S Henrik Ibsen take you, exactly? Some of our stops include Skien, the Ulefoss and Lunde locks, Spjotsodd Brygge and Lastein Brygge, Dalen – a fascinating route that snakes through some remarkable natural areas. Enquire for more details and to see our timetable.


For those wanting to stay overnight along our stunning route, just let us know. We’ll help you organise the perfect stay at Dalen Hotel, a dragon-style hotel complete with renowned restaurant and ‘floating’ sauna, Soria Moria. Enjoy elegant rooms and world-class service in the heart of the Norwegian countryside – you’ll be enchanted.


Experiences to add to your itinerary
  • Stops on the Telemark Canal
  • Norsjø Golfpark
  • Dalen Hotel Gardens
  • West Telemark Museum
  • Grimdalstunet
  • Dalsmarken (June)
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M/S Henrik Ibsen, Skien, Telemark


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