Dalen Hotel

Known as ‘the hotel from fairytales’

Dalen Hotel

When you book a room at Dalen Hotel, you’re committing to going back in time: or at least, to feeling like you are. Between our 49 rooms and suites and common areas like our gallery, halls, salons, terrace and wide-spanning gardens, are plenty of spaces to relax within a classic and historic atmosphere that’s carefully preserved by our world-class staff. You’ll be swept off your feet.
Filip Åbom

Building: 1894

At our dragon-style hotel – a mesmerising building with mustard walls and sharp, gable rooftops – you won’t find textbook experiences. Rather, you’ll get to experience fairytale ones that’ll make this a getaway to remember.

Our hotel is devoid of modern distractions like TVs. Instead, our ambition is to provide out-of-this-world services that will revive your spirit and restore your body. Enjoy fine cuisine dished up at Bandak Restaurant and unwind in splendour at Soria Moria, our sauna that floats like a glittering diamond on the waters of Bandak lake.

Norway’s natural brilliance lies all around us at Dalen Hotel. On the Telemark Canal – our close neighbour – you can see it all up-close with an enchanting boat ride on the M/S Henrik Ibsen or M/S Victoria. With mountains close by, the area is also ideal for hiking or biking, when you’re done lounging around in our sumptuous rooms and richly-furnished lounge areas. See the best of Norway all rolled into one, here – you’re bound to return home with your own wealth of stories to tell..


‘Hotel with “A Story to Share” gold award at the Historic Hotels of Europe Awards 2022
‘Travelers’ Choice’ award by Tripadvisor 2021

Open: April - October

Rooms: 49

From: €


Occasions to Remember

Some of the highlights of staying at our historic hotel


Our team of chefs combines inspiration from the world’s most compelling cuisine, while at the same time drawing on regional traditions and using local products. At Bandak Restaurant, it all comes down to creating a great experience from our historic dining room, which has been recognised by the Norwegian National Heritage Board. Dinner has never been such a grand affair…


Soria Moria is a real work of art that doubles up as a fantastic, floating sauna that’s had international renown. In a bed of natural majesty – surrounded by mountains and a mirror-bright lake – this fantastic escape has no likeness. Make sure to book in advance.


Our Victoria Salon is the ideal location for a small, tailor-made wedding. Combining the timeless elegance of our hotel, the surrounding gems of Dalen, the local church and our magnificent restaurant, we’re all set to make your special day a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We’re also well-equipped to deal with meetings and corporate events.


Experiences to add to your itinerary
  • Eidsborg Stave Church
  • Lårdalsstigen
  • The Telemark Canal
  • Ravens Gorge
  • Åmdals Verk Copper Mines
  • Norsjø Golfpark
  • Dalen Hotel Gardens
  • West Telemark Museum
  • Grimdalstunet
  • Wine Tasting
  • Horse Riding
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Dalsmarken (June)
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