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Spectacular sights, captivating castles, majestic mountains and more abound in Switzerland. This beautiful country overflows with villages, great food, and natural wonders like the soaring peaks of the Alps. From its ski resorts to hiking trails and famous attractions like Europe’s oldest timber bridge, this is a place where enthralling history and landscapes meet.

What’s so special about Switzerland?
This country is famous for a variety of pleasures beloved by travelers and locals alike, from its majestic mountains to mouthwatering chocolate. With alluring cities and eclectic countryside to discover - which many enjoy admiring from the comfortable seat of a scenic train ride - you’re never short of remarkable views when travelling through Switzerland.

things to know
about Switzerland

  • Population: 8.6 million+
  • Capital: Bern
  • Currency: Swiss Franc
  • Main airports: Zurich, Geneva, and Basel
  • Languages: German, Italian, French, and Roman
  • Timezone: GMT+1
  • Fun fact: Switzerland is to thank for many of life’s luxuries and home comforts – especially Swiss watches, gooey cheese fondue and heavenly chocolates, like Lindt.


Getting outdoors and exploring nature are tenets of the Swiss lifestyle… which should come as no surprise. With over 7,000 lakes to see and traverse across its valleys, mountain areas and more, it’s not difficult to find your bliss under this country’s wide open skies. With so much natural splendor at its heart, it’s easy to see why the Swiss prize sustainable values so highly, too: in 2020, this forward-thinking country committed to cutting their greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030.

Switzerland is also a diverse country that honors a variety of cultures as well as centuries of tradition. Four languages are spoken here, while hundreds of museums and access to the arts can be discovered easily throughout. Prepare to be inspired


The Swiss Alps are a majestic and awe-inspiring sight, famous for their jagged peaks and picturesque valleys. The highest peak is that of the towering Dufourspitze, which rises up to a staggering 4,634 meters. This range contains more than seventy mountains exceeding 3,000 meters tall, with famous peaks including the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, Eiger, Mont Blanc and Jungfraujoch, which also harbors the highest accessible railway station in all of Europe.


The Swiss set the bar with winter sports… and they set it high. Switzerland hosted the first ever Winter Olympic Games in 1924, and has since won more medals at the games than any other country. What’s more, the Swiss Alps have been a popular tourist destination since the 1800s, and among its 339 ski resorts, Zermatt, Gstaad and St. Moritz are still flocked to today.



Between admiring the glittering waters of the Aare River and sampling fine chocolates beside centuries-old fountains, there’s plenty to do, see, and admire in the Swiss capital. As testament to its striking beauty, Bern’s Old City – an area filled with medieval buildings – is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Zurich is a hotbed of thrilling activities to be enjoyed day and night, as well as countless events, museums, shops, and eateries to explore – the city even has its own mountain! However you decide to fill your time, make sure to take a moment to wander down the cobbled streets that snake through Zurich’s Old Town, a marvel of Gothic architecture.


Nestled on the Rhine river and heralded as Switzerland’s most artsy city, there’s a lot that appeals about Bern. Among its top attractions are more than 40 museums, though this magic metropolis also plays host to the biggest carnival in the country: the “Basler Fastnacht”, which lasts for three days and is ranked among the top 50 festivals in Europe. Sign us up.


In addition to its lake – the appropriately named Lake Geneva – Geneva is famous for being Switzerland’s most multicultural city, thanks in part to the UN being based here. For lovers of science, you can’t beat a visit to CERN or the Geneva Observatory, responsible for assessing the accuracy of Swiss timepieces.


Switzerland is a small country in Europe, but it’s well-known for a variety of reasons. Here are six things that Switzerland is famous for: its stunning natural scenery, its delicious chocolate, its tasty cheese fondue, its iconic Swiss Army knives, its watchmaking industry, and its neutrality.

Regions in Switzerland

The Bernese Oberland

The Bernese Oberland is one of the most stunning regions in Switzerland. With its mountainous terrain – where the incomparable Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains are based – it’s best explored by train and cable car, which can whisk you through the area’s staggering heights and sweeping valleys with ease.

Central Switzerland

Central Switzerland is dominated by Lake Lucerne. Cruise across its azure waters or stay offshore to discover a range of lovely eateries, activities and iconic sights in this Swiss idyll. Lucerne – arguably one of the prettiest cities in the world – is also a delight, and includes one-of-a-kind structures like the Chapel Bridge and Culture and Convention Centre.

Region Zurich

Zurich isn’t just one of Switzerland’s most alluring cities… it’s also in the heart of its very own region, which consists of the city itself, Lake Zurich and other surroundings. Part of what’s referred to as the Swiss Plateau, the landscape is relatively flat, here – the perfect break for those who want some respite from traversing up Switzerland’s many peaks.

South-West Switzerland

With Lake Geneva as its leading landmark, southwest Switzerland is a hub of heavenly landscapes. Head here if you like pretty towns in Southern-European style, grape-filled vineyards, sunny boulevards and ancient castles… it’s a paradise of them all. A special highlight? A trip on the Chocolate Train, which wheels between a smattering of cheese and chocolate factories near Gruyères.


Rugged alpine nature and the highest peaks of the Alps – including the famous Matterhorn – are the defining elements of this exciting region. Go hiking, biking, tasting, and sightseeing your way around Valais across an adventure-focused getaway, which in addition, is a brilliant place in which to get your spa fix.


Ticino is where you can experience the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, along with its food and culture. Always lively, this fun region contains all the hallmarks of a memorable holiday: rich in museums, shops, local festivals, UNESCO World Heritage sites and more. Perfetto.


Graubünden borders Austria, Italy and Liechtenstein. If you love the Alps, you’ll definitely love the unique culture and scenery it offers – it’s an absolute haven for hikers, with plenty of unspoilt valleys to wander through. As with the country’s other mountainous areas, you can drink in the views via cable car.

North-West Switzerland

Including the city of Basel and the Jura and Three-Lakes region of Neuchâtel and Biel/Bienne, you’re never short of inspiration in North-West Switzerland! Marvel at extraordinary natural panoramas and discover yet more postcard-worthy villages during an escape to this tranquil, striking, and ever-enthralling region.

Region Bern

Like Zurich, the region around the Swiss capital of Bern is also part of the Swiss Plateau. From Bern itself to the Bernese Jura, and the enchanting views of Grindelwald to the verdant magnificence of the Jungfrau Region, trips here deserve multiple reruns, from winter through to summer.

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