This small European country is packed with natural beauty, from snow-capped mountains to turquoise rivers and glistening lakes. And it's not just the outdoors that will capture your heart - Slovenia's charming medieval towns and postcard-worthy villages are well worth exploring, too.

What’s so special about Slovenia?
Set between the Alps and Adriatic Sea, as well as the Pannonian Basin and mysterious Karst, Slovenia is a place that’s caught between worlds: and that draws in treasures from them all. Hike, explore, relax, and marvel in and at the amazing activities and sights this country has in spades, for eventful trips that will endure in your memory forever.

things to know
about Slovenia

  • Population: 2 million+
  • Capital: Ljubljana
  • Currency: Euro
  • Major airports: Ljubljana, Maribor, and Portoroz
  • Language: Slovenian
  • Timezone: GMT+1
  • Fun facts: Slovenia consistently ranks in the top 10 most peaceful countries in the Global Peace Index (out of 163). Additionally, many of the world’s most remarkable lakes exist in this country – namely, the near-luminous waters of Lake Bled.


Slovenia is a land of contrasts peppered with diverse, green landscapes and sprawling cities. Fond of traditional values, Slovenian people value family, hard work, and respect for the environment, and take great pride in their food, wine, and athletic footprint, too. Did you know that the cyclist Primož Roglič and alpine skier Tina Maze both hail from this lovely locale?

Life in Slovenia is predicted to have begun nearly 60,000 years ago, and today, ancient artifacts and mementos from its past can be seen up-close in its variety of museums and exhibitions. To engage with this country’s culture first-hand, you need only attend one of its many amazing festivals – like Ljubljana Festival, a huge celebration of music throughout the ages.


Over 10,000 kilometers of marked trails are interspersed through the Slovenian countryside, curling through its cloak of stunning forests, mountains, valleys, meadows and lakes. Popular destinations include the Julian Alps and Karavanke and Pohorje mountain ranges, which seemingly stretch out forever under intensely blue skies.



The Vipava Valley is a popular destination for wine lovers everywhere. It produces some of the finest wines in Slovenia, available to try at the several vineyards that breathe life into its landscapes. What’s more, the scenery hereis simply breathtaking – especially at dawn or dusk, when you can admire the sun as it dips and rises behind gentle hills.



The capital of Slovenia is a riveting dream of eclectic architecture, dragon-themed bridges, lively markets and stunning promenades. With its cobbled streets and quirky design features – many of which were realized by the famous architect, Jože Plečnik – Ljubljana has a fairytale quality that’s sure to enchant you. Make time for its most prestigious cultural landmarks, like The National Gallery and The Slovenian National Theater.


Charming Maribor is located on the Drava River, and flaunts a magnificent medieval old town along with close proximity to many nature trails and ski slopes. See the Maribor Cathedral and City Hall while you’re here, along with the world’s oldest grapevine, which is over 400 years old. Correspondingly, an annual Old Vine Festival is held here, where you can taste local wines and get involved in the country’s keen wine culture.


This small town by the Adriatic Sea is home to a number of historic landmarks, and is known for its Venetian-style architecture and picturesque setting. Its main square, Tartini Square, is named after the famous composer and violinist Giuseppe Tartini, who was born here. With a history that dates back to the 6th century, you’ll find no shortage of culture and heritage during your getaway to this ponderous place.


Ptuj is the oldest town in Slovenia, crammed with medieval structures that make it a must-visit for history buffs. Explore Ptuj Castle, discover the oldest wine cellar in the country, venture into the Haloze Hills and so much more during perfect days in this superb Slovenian locale.


Slovenia’s Posavje region is home to many castles, such as Rajhenburg Castle and Mokrice Castle, each of which is capped with rose-coloured tiles. These historic structures were built to defend against invasions from the Ottoman Empire, and while many are now in ruins, they’re still fascinating places in which to soak up some Slovenian history.

Regions in Slovenia

Alpine Slovenia

You can probably guess what’s in-store in Alpine Slovenia from the name alone. Towering mountains and pristine forests are this region’s trademarks, in which you can additionally familiarize yourself with Triglav National Park: the only national park in Slovenia.

Ljubljana and Central Slovenia

If we gathered our wealth in experiences, this region would be one of riches. Sensational scenery, phenomenal fare, great wine and the capital, Ljubljana, can all be seen, tasted and explored here. This area is home to some of the best ski resorts in the country, as well, and green trails that lead to a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Thermal Pannonia Slovenia

Escape to a world where your wellbeing is put first with a break in Thermal Pannonian Slovenia, a region crammed with thermal spas and healing waters. A visit to Rogaška Slatina here leaves nothing to be desired. Between its tree-filled landscapes and world-leading spa treatments, you’ll reach new peaks of relaxation.

Mediterranean and Karst Slovenia

Caves and coasts are close friends in this spectacular Slovenian region. Explore the coastal hubs of Portorož and Piran, where you can try your hand at salt making and marvel at sparkling views of the Mediterranean. Elsewhere, in Karst, many adventures below ground await, including a visit to Postojna Cave – the most visited cave in Europe.

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