Norway may be small, but it has a lot to offer. Studded with sparkling fjords and filled with exceptional architecture and art galleries alike - particularly in ornate Oslo, its capital - it’s a country of wonders, crowned by the ethereal hues of the northern lights. Step into a rich Viking history and see a side of Europe that has no likeness.

What’s so special about Norway?
This question can be answered in many ways, depending on what you look for in a holiday. Adventure lovers will flock towards Norway’s pristine valleys, glaciers and world-famous fjords, whereas the enchanting urban hubs of Oslo and Bergen have great appeal to city slickers. Norway is also exceptionally well-connected, with trains like the Flåm railway able to take you through its jaw-dropping landscapes with ease.

things to know
about Norway

  • Population: 5 million+
  • Capital: Oslo
  • Currency: Norwegian Krone
  • Main airports: Oslo, Bergen, and Stavanger
  • Language: Norwegian
  • Timezone: GMT+1
  • Fun facts: Did you know that Norway once knighted a King Penguin? Named Sir Nils Olav, this fin-tastic creature achieved the prestigious honor in 2008. In other animal-related news, Norway is also home to Europe’s biggest herd of wild reindeer.


Norway’s multi-layered history stems back to the age of Vikings: in fact, their first king was a Viking, by the name of Harald Fairhair. Today, Norway proudly sports a high standard of living and frequently ranks in the top five happiest countries in the world annually.

Norwegian people are warm and welcoming with a strong sense of national pride and a great love for the outdoors. Hiking, skiing, cycling and more are celebrated here, and Norway’s many national parks are the perfect locations in which to practice them when you please. In addition to its natural magnificence, this country is also home to some of the world’s most innovative architects and artists.


Excellent fishing, swimming, and boating opportunities are everywhere you look in Norway, which has over 1,700 named fjords alone. Among the finest is the UNESCO-approved Geirangerfjord – which packs a visual punch with its clear blue waters and surrounding mountains – and the Sognefjord, Norway’s biggest fjord. Its lakes are dreamy, too… and record-breaking. Lake Hornindalsvatnet is the deepest lake in all of Europe.



Norwegian architects have long been at the forefront of innovative design. From the iconic Oslo Opera House to picturesque Bryggen Wharf in Bergen, they have a history of pushing boundaries and redefining what’s possible. Today, many of them focus on sustainable design, and have unveiled a number of impressive projects setting new standards for green architecture. One such project is The Edge: an office building in Amsterdam that has been certified as the most sustainable office building in the world.



The capital of Norway has its own fjord, a stunning opera house, an Olympic ski jump, and is where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded each year. A hotspot of unique attractions and events, as well as incredible restaurants, shops and bars, give all those that venture into this exciting city myriad ways to wine, dine, and unwind in-between nonstop sightseeing.


Bergen is the ideal city for those who love nature. Located on Norway’s west coast and encased by mountains and fjords, it offers unparalleled opportunities for hiking and other outdoor activities. Bergen also features several historic landmarks and museums, like the UNESCO World Heritage site, Bryggen: a series of Hanseatic commercial buildings that date back to the 14th century.


Tromsø, Norway’s Arctic capital, is a lively university town located just north of the Arctic Circle. It’s where the world’s northernmost university and brewery are both based, as well as the world’s largest indoor climbing wall: an eclectic mix of one-of-a-kind attractions! If you’re lucky, you might even get to glimpse the northern lights while you’re here. They’ll make you believe in magic.


One of the best things about Trondheim is its location. Nestled against the Nidelva River, it offers outstanding views, and is within easy reach of Trollstigen: a majestic mountain pass. Another plus point for the city is its history, which is represented both in Bakklandet – an area filled with colorful wooden houses – and the exemplary Old Town Bridge.


Though it ended just under a millennia ago, echoes of the Viking age are alive and well in Norway. Not only do many Norwegians still honor its memory today through events like the Tønsberg Viking Festival, but a generous handful of museums and villages, such as the Viking Ship Museum and Viking Valley, connect tourists, locals and everyone in-between to this legendary chapter of their past, too.

Regions in Norway

North Norway

Those seeking an unparalleled travel destination need look no further than north Norway. With its stunning Arctic landscapes and wildlife – not to mention its weather phenomena, such as its midnight sun and northern lights – there’s nowhere quite like it. Consider Lofoten while you’re in the area, a fascinating archipelago of dramatic islands.

East Norway

In east Norway, snow capped mountains and rocky coastlines regularly feature on the horizon, mixed in with sheltered bays and sandy beaches. You can do some of the best hiking in Norway, here, as well as skiing or snowboarding everywhere from Valdres to Geilo. Need some time out? The spa town of Bø awaits, which overflows with relaxing thermal baths.

South Norway

Miraculous scenery and diverse, dazzling biodiversity abounds in south Norway. Whether you’re looking for a place to hike, ski, or simply take in the incredible views, you won’t be short of options. Along with its remarkable nature, this region also contains some of the country’s best-known towns and cities, including both Bergen and fabulous Oslo.

The Svalbard Islands

The Svalbard Islands is a group of islands located in the Arctic Ocean. Though its climate is harsh and its landscapes are mostly barren, they remain very popular with tourists, and offer many unique activities such as dog sledding, snowmobiling, and skiing. What’s more, it’s possible to spot some amazing wildlife, like polar bears, reindeer, and seals.

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