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Welcome to the home of Zeus. Greece is known for its Mediterranean climate, countless islands, beautiful beaches, and stunningly preserved ruins from ancient civilizations. Between its far-reaching coastlines and historic roots in philosophy, mythology, and the arts, it’s a nirvana for curious nomads.

A historic country with the most coastline in the Mediterranean, Greece is both naturally gorgeous and culturally riveting. Famous landmarks such as the Acropolis in Athens and the ancient town of Epidaurus provide sun-loving sightseers with a connection to the old world.

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Our Cultural Routes highlight why Greece is such a treasure trove for travelers. Each suggestion in our Itinerary Inspiration guides has been thoughtfully put together to help you balance its historic sights with modern experiences.

Greek Island Hopping

Sparkling blue waters dotted with spectacular islands: the legendary Aegean sea is home to a host of islands

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