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Belgium is a small country with a complex history dating back to the Middle Ages, as well as a prosperous, culturally-rich destination with many natural attractions. From its impressive castles and cathedrals to its lively cities and delicious cuisine, it’s well worth exploring…

What’s so special about Belgium?
If you love beer and good food, Belgium is the place for you. With a strong gastronomic scene, you’ll have more than enough to fill your plate wherever you go. Between the medieval city of Bruges and the bustling metropolis of Brussels, Belgium also offers a mix of historical and modern attractions to discover, along with access to outdoor activities like cycling, hiking and skiing.

things to know
about Belgium

  • Population: 11.1 million+
  • Capital: Brussels
  • Currency: Euro
  • Main airports: Brussels and Belgium
  • Languages: Dutch, French and German
  • Timezone: GMT+1
  • Fun facts: Belgium is a constitutional monarchy, which means that their royal family is involved in its political running. It’s also referred to as “the beer capital of the world” – an impressive accolade.


Belgium is known for its variety of cultural influences, with famous figures including Karl Marx, Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas and Charles Baudelaire all emigrating there during their exciting lifetimes.

Reflecting its lively and diverse culture, Belgium has three official languages, and many religions are represented within its borders. The result is an engaging, eclectic community that’s a joy to both live in and visit. There’s never a dull moment in this captivating country.


If towering turrets, regal interiors and gorgeous great halls appeal to your interests, you’ll love Belgium’s collection of castles. Of the most renowned are the Chateau de la Hulpe, Chateau de Beersel, and Chateau d’Affligem, all of which were built in the Middle Ages and are open to the public today.


Belgian chocolate companies have won more awards for their chocolate than any other country – so you know when you invest in their cocoa, you’re getting the best of the best. High-quality ingredients and a long tradition of chocolate-making goes into each bite of the creamy confections created here… and get ready to feast. Across Belgium, there are over 2,000 chocolatiers to get acquainted with.




Contemporary pleasures within an atmosphere of old-world charm makes up the Belgian capital. Add these to your checklist: the Atomium monument, the Royal Palace, and the UNESCO World Heritage site of La Grand Place, which features 40 guild houses in a glittering gold.


Bruges is often dubbed “The Venice of the North” due to its surplus of canals and bridges. Nestled side by side with its quaint cafes, pubs and cobbled streets are several churches and museums, like the Groeningemuseum – which houses art from the early Flemish masters – and Choco-Story, which looks back over the fascinating history of chocolate.


Antwerp is a vibrant city that’s impossible for curious tourists to resist, thanks to its compelling history, architecture, and lively arts scene. Sightseeing here is like magic: beautiful buildings from the 16th century surround its famous town square, while a trip to City Hall will reward you with amazing views over its urban landscape. It’s also a great place to sample some of the best beers and chocolates that Belgium has to offer.


With the Saint Bavo Cathedral, Gravensteen Castle, and picturesque riverbanks lined with old buildings like the Graslei and Korenlei areas, Ghent is more than just a university town: it’s a delight for tourists, too. For art lovers, Ghent’s Museum of Fine Arts houses one of the largest collections of paintings in Europe.


Despite its small size, Belgium has 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites to its name, ranging from the prehistoric caves of Han-sur-Lesse to the modern Atomium monument in Brussels. You’ll find a mix of manmade and natural marvels on its list, each of which is just as thrilling to explore as the last…


Upper Belgium (Flemish Region)

Located in the east of the country, Upper Belgium is saturated with rolling hills, forests, and villages that bubble over with charm. Outdoorsy types particularly flock to this region, as with its abundance of natural scenery, it’s perfect for going on any number of hiking, cycling, and fishing excursions – and much more, besides. Some of the best-preserved medieval towns and villages in Europe can also be found here, like Dinant and Bouillon.

Central Belgium (Brussel-Capital Region)

Amazing architecture, electrifying nightlife and inspiring experiences are everywhere in this central Belgian region, of which the capital of Brussels is the crown jewel. Whether you’re interested in sightseeing, shopping, dining out or otherwise, you’ll find plenty to do. The city is also home to some of the best museums in Europe, including the Royal Museum of Fine Arts and the Magritte Museum.

Lower Belgium (Wallonia Region)

Lower Belgium covers the southern part of the country. Here, you’ll find fairytale forests in the shape of the Ardennes, along with medieval towns and villages and a plethora of wine tours that take you right into Wallonia’s heart. Among the most exciting things to experience in this region include exploring the Old Town in historic Namur, and diving into the fruits of the Lesse Valley.

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